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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Iron Chef Derwood

menu (made by rachel and mike)

lemongrass shrimps

lemongrass shrimps

After weeks of trash talking to the competing team, Kevin and Becky, and a couple of hours of preparation, Iron Chef Derwood was under way. Well, trash talking didn't end there, it went on during the competion haha. Needless to say, my sous-chef, Kathy and I walked away victorious. Woohoo!

A while back, my friends and I decided to have our version of Iron Chef America. We changed a few rules. In fact, we changed lots of rules; however, we kept the most obvious things such as main ingredient, judging panel, and scoring system for "taste," "plating," "originality" etc.

My dish was quite simple to make. All you need are chili basil paste, chopped lemongrass, Thai oyster sauce (made from Thailand) and garlic. Team Kevin and Becky made Cajun style shrimps with saffron rice and snap peas. I really enjoyed their dish a lot.

judging panel

judging panel

Though we didn't follow all the rules, the main excuse was to get together and drink. That's what we do best.


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