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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Rough Week

Got my car back today. I mentioned in the last post that my car was having trouble starting up because of faulty wiring. Sunny, Sunoco service station owner found all sorts of problems with car. Apparently, my car was stolen 2 times and broken into 2 times. (My insurance soared. It wasn't even my fault. Geico sucks!!!!). Anyway, when the car was being fixed at other auto shops, they did such a poor job that problems went unnoticed for a while until last week. Well, I am glad some of those problems had been addressed and fixed. I am not out of the woods yet: the steering wheel is losen; sunroof is not working; wheels need alignment etc. I need to bring my car back soon.

Anyway, having my car back (temporary that is) means I can drive to Northern Virginia for some Vietnamese food. I like going there on weekends. I ordered grilled pork with thin vermicelli. It was quite tasty. I also had some iced coffee at a nearby cafe. Hopefully things will get back to normal soon. I have two web design projects that need to get done sometime next month. Busy, busy.


Anonymous said...

Hey Toan,

It's Mike from SJersy Dave's friend, nice blog I am new to all of this and you have already seen my blog:firebox340. My question is how do I get music to play on my blog? I have googled relentlessly to do this but there is always some confusion!!! please help! let me know if you can.

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