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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Beef Masala

One good thing about laundromat is that I can wander around the strip mall while waiting for your laundry. The other day, while my laundry was going through delicate cycle, I went next door to a Pakistani grocery store. I bought basmati rice and 3 boxes of keema curry, seekh kabab and meat masala spice mix. There were too many spice mixes to pick from. I have to make another visit to the store on my next laundry day.

So last night, I made beef masala. Though the recipe (in the back of the box) didn't have potatoes, I added anyway. I also added fried red onion. I cooked for about 2 and half hours, not long enough as required but I was so freaking hungry. It was really tasty. The meat was almost tender. The starchiness of potatoes and the masala sauce created a real nice flavor.

I had the leftover today for lunch and it tasted even better. I am strongly recommend this masala spice mix.


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