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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Canon EOS 5D and Tamron 28-300mm Lens

I went out to test my camera again this afternoon. Above are examples of my test. I shot in raw mode, which allows you to have greater flexibility during editing. I used Canon Digital Photo Professional, though I prefer C1 Pro, to process my raw images. I then used Photoshop for further editing such as cropping, removing dust (on sensor), sharpening, density and color correcting.

In this test, I used the Tamron 28-300mm lens. The reason I chose this lens because of it practicality (no need to change lenses), cost and small size. In this case, smaller is better which is great; especially when you're traveling. I wish I have the money to buy Canon L lenses. Right now, Tamron is all I could afford. Based on the tests done in the last few days, I am confident that images produced, so far, from this Tamron lens are acceptable by photo agencies' standard.

So why not buy a cheaper camera with high quality lens? Well, as of now, cheaper cameras such as Nikon D70, Canon EOS 10D etc. means dealing with APS sized sensor. Shooting with a full-frame sensor not only gives you more resolution but also less noise than APS sized sensor cameras would.


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