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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Stuck At Home

Woke up today only to find snow covered everywhere. Since it still light and fluffy, I dug myself out. Took me an hour to make a path from the backdoor--it's my landlord's responsibility but I do it anyway--to my car. The street hadn't been plowed; cars were slipping and sliding. After I got the snow off my car, I went back inside. My frozen meal was now hot and ready to eat (I tossed it in the toaster oven before I went outside). It's nice to have a hot meal after heavy labor :)

I hope the roads cleared up by tomorrow morning or I'll be another motorist slip-n-slide on the way to work.


AndreeaEva said...

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i want to make one like yours
but i have some problems ... and maybe if youre kind u could help me?
please if u can write me an email on
i tried for like 2 hours ... i cant make those little circles..
hope i didnt disturbed u ...
best wishes, Andreea

6:53 PM  

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