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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Thanksgiving Holiday

Had a good Thanksgiving holiday last week. Went to my relative's place on Wednesday nite for an early Thanksgiving dinner. On the way there, my muffler decided to detach itself from the exhaust system. I am now partially deaf as the result of it. Actually, I can't blame my muffler for this; I knew this going to happen a month ago but as usual, I like to wait until last possible second to get things done.

I was scheduled to go up to Jersey on Thursday but with muffler problem I couldn't go anywhere, not even to the auto shop to get a new muffler because all the auto mechanics were busy stuffing their bellies with turkey at home. I could've done the same thing, too had I dragged my lazy ass to the auto shop a month ago. To compensate for my lack of activities, I did something pretty awesome that am proud of: NOTHING. Man, I am going to be the world's worst dad. My kids will probably change their own diapers because they couldn't stand waiting around for me to change for them. Their car bumper stickers would say, "Pround Son of World's Laziest Dad."

Got a new muffler Friday morning. Got to Jersey around 4 pm. Went to Kristin's dad for Thanksgiving dinner. Everything was great! On the way back, we decided to stop by Alicia and Chip's place. Chip had a bonfire going in the backyard. Alicia was sick so she couldn't join us.

Went to my aunt and uncle's place on Saturday. My aunt gave some turkey since I couldn't join her family on Thursday. (I have turkey 3 nights in the row this week). That nite, Dave, Kristin, Tim (an old friend from 7th grade) and I went to Continental in Philly. We met up with my cousin Kimmy and her friends. After few rounds of drinks, we split.

Having craving for hot soup, Dave, Kristin and I went back to Philly for some pho. The place was pretty crowded but the line was moving quickly and before you know it, each of us got a large bowl of pho and iced coffee (extra strong). After lunch, we went to the asian supermarket to get some lemongrass, mint, vermicelli noodle etc. to have with egg rolls for dinner--my aunt made egg rolls and us so many of them. Her egg rolls are a big hit.

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