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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Jamon Serrano

A while ago, I was having a craving for Jamon Serrano--my staple diet during a visit to Spain this Summer. Problem is, no where around here sells Jamon except for expensive restaurants. I had some Jamon at Jaleo in Bethesda and it was awful (to be fair, some other dishes were great except for Jamon and paella). What the hell should I do?

So I turned to Google for help. A few seconds later, I found plenty of sites selling and shipping Jamon Serrano. What caught my eye was What the hell, you can buy meats on Amazon now? Have I been on Mars? The whole time I thought you can only buy books, CDs and electronic stuff. What else do they sell here: Clothespins? Yes, much to my surprise, you can buy clothespins on Amazon. Not only that, you can buy other things such as--I am not kidding--men's boxers, mountain bikes, olive oil, Prosciutto (I would rather buy it at a nearby supermarket), bed sheets, soap, pillowcases, drill bits, nails and so on. Speaking pillowcases, I went out to a laundromat to do my laundry one day and when I got home, the pillowcase disappeared. So I use a t-shirt temporarily before I could have a chance to buy a new one. Well, that was 2 years ago. Apparently, buying pillowcases is not high priority on my list. Ha Ha. Damn, I need to get a life. Just checked on Amazon, no luck.

Anyway, I've heard Andalucia, family-owned restaurant, has gotten great reviews. (Maybe I should give it a try before buying Jamon online). Plus, Andalucia has flamenco dancing on Thursday night.


sadako said...

HI, Searching for Jamon Serrano I found your blog haha, why dont you like it? it is so delicious. I´m from CHile, now trying to discover how to store a Jamon serrano Leg in my kitchen to eat diarly heheheh


11:17 AM  
toan said...

I like Jamon Serrano but not at Jaleo restaurant.

2:30 PM  

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