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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Wine Tasting

Last Saturday, my friends John, Kathy and I went to a wine tasting. See, there is something you must know about my extensive wine knowledge--I know two kinds of wine: Red and white. Other than that, I can't tell the difference between two bottles of red wine. Hell, I can't tell the different between Coke and Pepsi even though, for some weird reason, I always asked for Coke when dining out and the usual reply from the waiters was: "Is Pepsi ok?"

"Yes," I said.

My point is: I don't know a thing about wines.

Damn! "Walk, Don't Run" is on tv (don't remember how many times I've watched this film on Turner Classic Movies). I have to finish this blog tomorrow.

Cont. from yesterday--As you can see, I am sidetracked easily. Ok, I was boasting about my inexperience in wines. So, after entering the wine store, we were carded--meaning (for foreigners reading this) we have to swear to the lady at the door that we are NOT fans of the movie, "Sideways." See, wine stores were pissed off because the character, Miles in the film dislikes Merlot, as the result, sales of Merlot dropped dangerously low. I'd heard through the grapevine that they were thinking of changing the name Merlot to "Freedom Vine" in order to boost sales. Anyway, we were given small tasting glasses and some wine lists. There were 14 types of wines listed on the list. I was told by Kathy, a serial wine-taster and mother of two, that "there were more wines" from the last wine tasting a few weeks ago. "F#%k! that means less free wine to drink," I said. Nevertheless, 14 different wines were enough to make my head spin in which led me to BWWI or Buying Wines While Intoxicated. I bought 3 bottles: Cousino Macul (Chile), Carmenere (Chile) and Santo Vin Santo (Greece). Good marketing ploy, indeed.

That night, after a long nap and much needed hydration, I brought the Carmenere bottle, pate, baguette and French cookies over John and Kathy's. Yep, more drinking. I must mention that (I can't speak for John and Kathy though I am suspecting you know what) I don't have a drinking problem. Anyway, we settled comfortably on the couch, ate baguette and pate, and watched "Funny Ha Ha." Five minutes into the movie, we bailed out on it and watched a different one--a riveting, eye-popping, high-tension thriller called "High Tension." If you like French culture, gory movies, and lesbians (particularly French lesbians) then you are in for a treat. This movie will keep you on the edge of your seat.

So, it was a great Saturday. Though I don't know shit about wine but one thing I know: It tastes great when drink with good friends.

Well, I have to go and pack. I am leaving for New York tomorrow.


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