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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

New York City

Last week, my boss took everyone from our studio to New York City for the Photo Expo. All and all, it was a great trip. I stayed 5 days.

My friend, Mike and I took some seminars on Photoshop CS2. Basically, we just to see how Photoshop CS2 measures up with C1 Pro, which is a photo editing software. There are some pros and cons with CS2--not that C1 Pro is perfect. There are some cool features that we like about CS2.

Apple's "Aperture" also made its debut at the Expo. It's a powerful photo-editing application at $500.00 a pop. Looks like my boss is going to get it.

Aside from from Photo Expo, we went to my boss's photo agency parties, bars and sightseeings. Been in this this country for 20 years and this was my real New York City experience (I went there on a day trip to the museum 10 yrs ago). I like the city a lot but I don't think I would like live there.

Click "here" to see more New York photos.


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