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Thursday, October 06, 2005


Lately, for some unknown reasons, I've been watching a cooking show, hosts by Emeril Lagasse, before I go to bed. I have a tv in my room so before I drift off into neverland I'd spend about half an hour watching Emeril's show. Most people would avoid watching a cooking show at 12 mid night. Not me, I like enjoy it (the sound of sizzling steak, chicken or onions is like music to my ears). I picked up good tips from the show though I rarely cook.

I should cook more often. It's not healthy eating frozen tv dinners all the time. This is why I look forward to Fridays and weekends so I could eat out. Haha. Every now and then, I'd get inspired and cook myself something. Two weeks ago, I made a sumptuous meal--steak, stir-fried string beans and roasted potatoes with garlic and basil.
Cooking can be fun and therapeutic except for preparing and cleaning parts. Cleaning is the worst part of all. Also, it cancels out the therapeutic effect you've received earlier from cooking. Sometimes, after dinner, I left the dishes along with pot and pan in the sink so this way I could enjoy the full therapeutic benefit. Anyway, who knows what I'll cook in the kitchen next time, perhaps something exotic. First, I have to clean the dishes.

I wonder what Emeril is cooking tonight.


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