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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Cell Phone

Once upon a time, having a cell means: "wow, you were rich." Now a day, not having a cell phone means: "what's wrong with you?" Who on earth doesn't have a cell phone now a day? There is no excuse for not having a cell phone. I mean that person should be shunned from society. Ok, maybe I shouldn't be too harsh on myself.

So what did I do like many other responsible citizens? I made a purchase of a cell phone a few days ago. I've never felt there was a need to have a cell phone. I don't blah blah on the phone that much. Anyway, I emailed family and friends my cell #. They were delighted to hear I made the right move. Some of them even sent me heart-warming comments:

"Welcome to the 20th century (yeh, yeh, I know it's the 21st, but you're still a century behind)"

" just get off the boat?"

"after you dial the number remember to press send for it to work. dont just hold it up to your ear like a regular phone. you'll will be there for a long time."

"Now you can call me when I forget to meet you."

Thanks, guys. Thank you for your supports.

My cell phone is not only a phone but it also has other great features such as Text Messaging, Built-In Camera. Text Messaging is the best part of having a cell phone, it allows me to send short and IMPORTANT messages to my buddies "you suck!" "dork!" "your mom is hot." Ok, I made that part up. I don't call my friend, "dork."

Well, now I feel like I've been back from exile. Friends are welcoming me back in the circle with open arms. Cell phone: Gotta have it.


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