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Monday, August 29, 2005

Out and About

My friend John called me @ work on Friday to see if I was coming to his gig at Summit Station, a restaurant and brewery. I was planning to stay home but thought what the heck, it's Friday and the bar is about 2 miles from my place. At around 4pm, my boss kicked my co-worker, Mike and me out of the studio--an hour early, just because the weather was kicking ass. That was awesome, I didn't mind leaving work early. I went home and took a nap. Later that night, I dragged my sorry ass to Summit Station, about an hour and half late. Luckily, the band had 2 more sets to play. Poppy, her friends and Andrea also came out to the show. It was unusual because they don't usual go to Maryland gigs. Andrea had recently moved from North Carolina back to Virginia. It was nice to catch up with her.

Ten minutes after I arrived, the band, Radio Mosaic, jammed again. They played their own stuff, which mostly rock, and cover songs ranging from Bob Marley to Grateful Dead, from rock to blues. As usual, everyone was having a good time. Feeling a bit hungry, I ordered a burger, fries and a smoked porter. While waiting for my burger, I took some photos and videos of the band.

The band continued to play into the night. Everyone danced to the tunes. As usual, I stood back and watched. I can't dance to save my life. I took swing dancing a few years back only to discover that I have two left feet. Toward the end of the show, Doug, lead singer, sang "Happy Birthday" to Marisa (Poppy's friend). Everyone joined in and sang along. Nice to celebrate your birthday with friends. A couple of songs and drinks later, the band packed up and stuffed the elevator with their gear. It was a fun night...good to be out of the house.

On Saturday, I went to Eden in Northern Virginia for lunch. I go there every now and then. They have more authentic Vietnamese restaurants there. Anyway, I ordered deep fried salted ribs. After lunch, I went to Cafe Mirage for some iced coffee. Later that day, I went to John and Kathy's place with a bottle of wine. We chatted and watched some travel shows about Barbados and Bolivia. Their big ass 51" Sony HDTV made the shows even more enticing. They've got a great deal on that tv along with a leather couch and some sound system through Craig's list for only $1300.00. F-ing awesome! I might have to go over their place next year for the World Cup.

It was nice to be out and about. I need to get out more often. It's tough though because I am trying to save money for my next trip to Japan. Yeah, baby.


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