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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Could Have Been Worse

I brought my in the shop to have a timing belt change last Thursday. I was also told to change to water pump and have the radiator flush. While at it, I had them change the thermostat and oil.

Came back the next day, the car couldn't start. I had a feeling the shop tripped the alarm which caused it to kill the starter. They told me to disable the alarm but stupid me forgot how to do it. Anyway, I had my friend Mike drove me to the car alarm shop. The technician showed me how to disable the alarm. Went back to the car shop. Tried what I was told; car wouldn't start. F--k!! I left the car there and came back the next day trying to push start the car. It worked. Paid $650.00 for the maintenance cost. Drove back to the car alarm shop to have them fix the alarm problem but they were busy so I had to make an appointment.

So after making the appointment, I drove to lunch and noticed the temperature gauge indicating the car is overheating. I went back to the car shop. To make the story short, my car is now out of commision. The technician said my car has some sort of short circuit in the wiring. He's going to try to find the problem.

Well, the way I see it, things could have been worse.

Last night I went to John and Kathy's place. Well, John came and picked me up. I wanted to make Kathy some dessert because her birthday was this week.

vanilla ice cream with orange/banana sauce

martini club

melon martini

I made orange sauce to go with Vanilla ice cream. Here is how. First, fry sliced banana in butter. Add about a tablespoon of sugar. Throw in some sliced strawberry. Pour in fresh squeezed orange juice (1 Sunkist orange). Add some blueberries. Cook for about 2 minutes to get sauce a bit thicken. Pour everything on a serving plate and let it cool down. Serve with Breyers 'All Natural Vanilla' ice cream.

Despict with car trouble, at least I had some fun time last night. Now, I am going to get some lunch--John is kind enough to let me drive one of his cars for a few days.


Kathy said...

Thanks for nice birthday dessert. Yummy! Too bad we look so boring, not like those crazies on the other sofa.

9:33 PM  

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