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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Pan-Fried Noodle and Chicken Tenders For Dinner

Tonight, I experimented something different: Pan-fried egg noodle with chicken tenders. I marinated chicken tenders with chopped garlic, chili pepper, basil and cilantro spices, a dash of fish sauce and soy sauce. I cooked the noodle in boiling water and then pan fried with garlic, chili pepper and scallion. I then fried chicken tenders until golden brown on both sides. It was not a bad dish. I liked it. Oh, and dessert was Ben and Jerry: New York Super Fudge Chunk (my favorite).


W. Shedd said...

OH yaaaaaaa! New York Super Fudge Chunk! Way to break a spoon!

I still remember my first pint of NYSFC ... like it was yesterday. (deep sigh) I was 18 and working on a paving crew for the summer in Vermont. Was my first summer away from home, I stopped in a general store and saw a pint of this ice cream. Pure artery-clogging heaven.

There used to be a similar Ben and Jerry's ice cream, named Dastardly Mash. Sadly, it has been discontinued.

4:14 PM  
Kea said...

I just saw some photos of Florence Italy via your blog, they were the best photos of Florence I've ever seen. Did you take them or who did, I lived in Florence for two years. It just so happens that I love pan fried noodles and NY superchunk chocolate ice cream too!
My blog is very uninteresting but it's

2:32 PM  
Kea said...

I saw some incredible photos of Florence and found your blog, did you take those? They were the best pictures of that city I've ever seen.

2:33 PM  
toan said...

Yeah, you can't go wrong with NYSFC. I have been eating for a while now. I hate low fat diet crap :)

Kea: Yes, I took those pictures. Florence is a beautiful little city. Wish I had more time there.

11:55 PM  

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